Little Sadaqa Campaign 2020

A Kindness Campaign

By the Children For the Children 

A Nobel program for the children to encourage caring for others. 

Campaign Will Start from Ramadan and End in Zul-Hajj 2020

Collect Donation for Poor and Needy.

Easy to participate from anywhere of the world.

Send Money and Submit Report 

Win appreciation Prize!

Let Your Family be Part of This Noble Campaign 

Donations collected by children are being used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to 100 orphans around the world, Insha-Allah!

Hurry up! Join The Noble Cause!

 Let’s Start today 

(Free within Canada and USA)
A minimum donation of $5 as postage charge is appreciable

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Little Sadaqa Campaign

 Mail your Donation
Please make all cheque payable to ‘MuslimVille‘ and put ‘Little Sadaqa Campaign 2020‘ in the memo then mail to:
66 Commodore Drive, Brampton, L6X 0S6, Canada

Participants will also receive reports of the program. This program is a symbol of a loving bond between Canadian Muslim Children with orphan children in less fortunate parts of the world.